I’m using Twitter now!

So, recently, I’ve run into a class of things I think that are way too short to put into a blog post, but I just do not feel like posting to other places.  I mean, there’s Facebook, but anytime I post to Facebook I feel like I’m making way too big of a deal out of something.  Then there’s snapchat, which works, but I think my snaps are pretty boring and then there is no way to remember things.  Plus, it feels too targeted.  To be clear, here are some examples of things that I have thought about posting the past few days:

How to ship code: 1. Change the DNS rules; 2. Upload the files; 3. Fly out of the state without a laptop #doingitright

I just wrote a letter to my sister and managed to start every paragraph with “So,” #ashamed #toolongtorewrite

Finally got my laptop back! #twoweekslater #canfinallywritethispost

Now, at first, I came up with what I thought was a pretty wonderful solution, and I’m sure it is exactly what everyone is thinking of.  I was going to write a small wordpress plugin that would let me make tiny updates that would show up in a module (or whatever wordpress calls the tiny things to the side) with the last couple of them visible.  It solved all my problems: I’d have a chance to do a tiny bit of wordpress development again and I would have a place to post these things.  Then I realized that this really alread existed…in the form of Twitter.

So, anyways,

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