I’m using Twitter now!

So, recently, I’ve run into a class of things I think that are way too short to put into a blog post, but I just do not feel like posting to other places.  I mean, there’s Facebook, but anytime I post to Facebook I feel like I’m making way too big of a deal out of something.  Then there’s snapchat, which works, but I think my snaps are pretty boring and then there is no way to remember things.  Plus, it feels too targeted.  To be clear, here are some examples of things that I have thought about posting the past few days:

How to ship code: 1. Change the DNS rules; 2. Upload the files; 3. Fly out of the state without a laptop #doingitright

I just wrote a letter to my sister and managed to start every paragraph with “So,” #ashamed #toolongtorewrite

Finally got my laptop back! #twoweekslater #canfinallywritethispost

Now, at first, I came up with what I thought was a pretty wonderful solution, and I’m sure it is exactly what everyone is thinking of.  I was going to write a small wordpress plugin that would let me make tiny updates that would show up in a module (or whatever wordpress calls the tiny things to the side) with the last couple of them visible.  It solved all my problems: I’d have a chance to do a tiny bit of wordpress development again and I would have a place to post these things.  Then I realized that this really alread existed…in the form of Twitter.

So, anyways,

Google Doc Email Notifications

I don’t think I have made any posts in the past about something this simple, however, I just discovered this and I am wishing right now that I had found it sooner.  In Google Docs (well, technically, Google Drive Spreadsheets) it is possible to set up email notifications for whenever a spreadsheet changes.  Most impressively, this means that you are able to have an email sent to you whenever someone fills out a form!  To set this up, open up the spreadsheet (the one receiving form submissions), click on “Tools” (in the menu bar), and click on “Notification Rules…”.  You can select different options for how to be notified here.  Personally, I think the most useful one is to be notified whenever a user submits a form.  You can set this so you get the email either the moment the form is submitted or you can get a digest every day with a summary.

With this said, I was kind of disappointed when I realized that this does not extend to documents.  There are a couple documents I have where I would appreciate an email when someone else updates it.  Overall, however, I think form submissions are the most important action to have emails for and I wish I had known about this sooner.