Pre-LA Thoughts

On Monday, I am going to be leaving for Leadership Academy.  This is a week long leadership conference designed specifically for members of Circle K (on a side note, it is based off of a book by Brendon Burchard (I have read one book written by him and have another that I am meaning to read)).  Everyone I know who has gone through the program says it is a life-changing experience and that they would not trade it for anything.  Wth that in mind, I am extremely excited and cannot wait to experience what they have described.  The rush of positive energy surrounding the program is overwhelming and it is incredibly difficult for me to avoid deciding how the event went before even going (and judging from the Facebook page for this year, I am not the only one having trouble avoiding that).  At this point, I am just trying to put off my judgement until after the event and keep up my excitement for it at the same time.

While I am undoubtedly excited for the event, there are still a couple things I am worried about.  The first of these is the fact that I will have absolutely no access to technology for a week.  This could not came at a worse time for me work-wise with my boss having been gone the past two weeks and just returning on Monday.  I know that logically I will probably not be needed but I would still like to be there if for no reason other than to make sure everything we did on Friday gets finished correctly.  Outside of work, the general backlog of email that I expect to see after being gone for a week is just terrifying and something that I am not looking forward to.  Finally, it seems like there might be a problem with the passwords on the University of Michigan Circle K website at the moment and I am not sure I completely tracked down the problem before leaving.

I am hoping I can avoid focusing on all of these trivial concerns and be able to just throw myself into LA.  Precedent indicates that I will not be able to avoid focusing upon my day-to-day concerns but I am trusting in this week to be different and I am trusting in myself to be better than I am.  I hope I end up looking back on it with the same level of enthusiasm that past attendees do (maybe towards the less cult-like side of the spectrum) and I hope I gain as much from it as I think is possible.