The Real Purpose

I realized that in the previous post I made one very simple assumption: that it was good to have a blog.  For the longest time, I would have disagreed with that statement so I thought it would be good to talk about why I now think that it is important.

In high school, I wrote a lot.  In every class, I was accustomed to writing many papers and would normally also write outside of class for fun (I think I deleted all my drafts for novels…).  Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to do much writing since coming to college and because of that I have seen my ability to record my thoughts decline as my writing has become both less eloquent and less expressive.  I think the worst moment for me last year was when I read a paper I wrote and realized that all I had managed to do was regurgitate facts not even making it sound nice, the thing I hated the most in high school.  Having a blog I post to semi-regularly will hopefully give me enough of a reason to write, and about interesting things, that I keep doing it.  Additionally, it does seem nice sometimes to have a place to write when I just want to talk about something.

Anyways, this should be the last meta post I make for a while (though I could very easily be wrong about that).


I have tried to make a blog a few times before and, without fail, I have just given up on each one.  For a while now, I have been telling myself I would take the time to try again and this time I would have a lot of fun with it.  My main goal for a while was that I would make a very simple platform for the blogging and would try to pick up a few skills while doing that but I think it should be obvious by this point that I did not do that.  While I could create a nice minimal platform that would do exactly what I needed and no more, I really am not interested in web apps as a primary focus.  Even with this very small focus I have on web apps (i.e. Circle K stuff) I still am getting to spend a lot of time on them and will probably just leave it that way and get all of my experience through there.

Anyways, I have finally stopped using making a platform as an excuse to not have a blog so here is a completely WordPress based blog!  I cannot guarantee that I will not stop posting (history shows that would be a very idiotic guarantee for me to make) but I will be attempting to post something every week here.  There will probably be a bunch of items about various technology projects within Circle K as well as some items about what it is I do outside of Circle K (yeah, not as many items exist in that category) but other than that, I really have no idea where I am going to go with this.